PPMy - ProFTPd PHP/MySQL web based user/group administration

PPMy is a simple webb based administration utility to administrate users and groups to a proftpd ftp server with its users and groups in a MySQL database. All documentation you need to get started should be included in the HOWTO. If not, please drop me a mail and tell how I can improve the HOWTO.
This program is tested with proftpd-1.2.10, apache-2.0.54, mysql-4.0.24 and php-4.4.0. Before you can use proftpd with the user database in MySQL you must have sql support compiled into proftpd. Read about this in README.mod_sql included in the proftpd source distribution or in the HOWTO included in the ppmy tarball.
2005-10-30: Released ppmy-0.5. This release contains some bug fixes and some other updates.
2005-10-15: Updated the HOWTO regarding problems with MySQL passwords. This is since I experienced problems with this on my Windows XP system.
2005-10-14: Released ppmy-0.4. Fixed a few bugs regardning user home directories.
2005-10-11: Released ppmy-0.3. Support for user home directories, the expires field is now updated and better information and error messages was added.
2003-01-06: Released ppmy-0.2. Made ppmy work properly on system where register globals has been turned off in the php interpreter.
2002-12-15: Released ppmy-0.1 today.
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